Are You a Human

Giving you information on real humans who saw your ad

PlayThru improves online experiences, giving users value when they interact with your brand. 


Delightful experiences.
PlayThru provides real value for users, replacing difficult CAPTCHAs or giving users an alternative to pre-roll video ads. We believe in creating experiences that people actually like.

Incredible results.
PlayThru achieves an engagement rate of 95% and an average click-through rate that’s 79x the industry standard. Plus, brand favorability goes through the roof.

100% real humans.
Our metrics are simple: we deliver real humans 100% of the time. No fraud, bots, or tricky impression math.

Tired of trying to figure out who saw your ad?
With PlayThru™, the answer is simple—a real person did. We analyze interaction to filter out fraud, bots, and accidental clicks. You only pay when a real live person engages with your brand.

Incredible brand lift.
PlayThru boosts brand recall by over 300% as compared to traditional banner advertising, and achieves an average click-through rate of 8.7%—a whopping 79x the industry standard.

100% share of voice.
No more competing for attention with dozens of other ads. With PlayThru, your brand appears on its own, with nothing else crowding out your message.

Make people happy.
Most digital ads get in the way of what users are really trying to do, making them frustrated and angry. Not so with PlayThru. Give people an experience they actually like, and they’ll feel good about your brand.

Insivia's Review

PlayThru is designed to be more simple, more intuitive, and more fun than other CAPTCHA options. We use game mechanics to create an experience that’s more enjoyable than figuring out what that awful squiggly text says. PlayThru is also more secure. Because users interact directly with PlayThru, we can analyze that interaction and track the resulting data to generate a Human Confidence Score: our level of confidence that a user is an actual human. This site gives you the option to make much more fun and interesting CAPTCHA options for your site, generating increased user interest. 

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