Industry's most flexible, purpose-built multichannel marketing analytics platform

Designed for both ease of use and flexibility, the Anametrix multichannel marketing analytics platform was built from the ground up to power a wide range of marketing analytics capabilities – from streaming data collection and web and mobile analytics to real-time queries, segmentation, dashboards, reporting and predictive analytics. This common platform promotes integration and consistency, differentiating Anametrix from vendors that have developed or acquired their tools separately and attempted to cobble them together. Anametrix users can combine and correlate information across a myriad of enterprise data sources and leverage the power of real-time data collection. The output is right-time results returned completely in context with accuracy and relevancy across all access layers and delivery methods.


The Anametrix platform collects data from literally any source, bringing all of your multichannel marketing analytics data together in a single analytics platform. Anametrix is unique in that it is specifically designed to collect both batch and streaming data sources. We achieve this using our own tagging technology, integrations with the major tag management solutions, support of major web analytics data stream formats and APIs, along with connectors to dozens of popular marketing solutions.

Anametrix brings together all collected data in a modern, high-performance, cloud-based data warehouse, specifically designed for large volumes of streamed and batch marketing data. Combining data from multiple sources into a centralized warehouse facilitates a common, customer-defined metadata layer that permits common business terms and formats across all data sources. The platform has been designed to store data permanently and durably without need to discard or cycle out historical data, ensuring that the right data is readily available for real-time analysis.

Anametrix blends streaming data collection, processing, aggregation, analytics and reporting to create a single unified platform that is updated the same second the data reaches the Anametrix collection servers. Data can be segmented and analyzed in real time to give you the ability to improve performance at any stage of the marketing cycle across the entire customer journey.

Anametrix is specifically designed to support rich customization of multiple data extraction models along with predefined reports that are specifically designed to visualize the multichannel marketing process throughout the customer engagement lifecycle. Build custom reports or edit existing ones using the web UI or Microsoft Excel, then schedule automated delivery to any device. The platform supports a wide array of functions, including filtering, automatic drilldowns and data export.

Anametrix makes it easy to connect and exchange data through our open API and rich-data exchange capabilities. Use these data extraction capabilities with flexibility both for programmatic connections through the Anametrix API suite and by connecting to various other services, languages and tools.


Insivia's Review

With Anametrix, you can analyze and visualize all of your data, and share your findings with your entire organization and outside stakeholders. Your business becomes more agile and efficient with access to timely information through predictive alerts, scheduled report delivery and social collaboration across departments. You can access all this information anytime, anywhere, from any device. Anametrix is a business data analytics tool that connects directly to your vendors as well as your internal data sources to enable you to get more out of your existing investments. Anametrix consolidates and correlates information across multiple data sources in real-time. Anametrix leverages API-based connections, batch data uploads as well as web-based data acquisition to bring together data from all customer engagement sources, including Web Analytics, email marketing, social media, search engine marketing, surveys, live chat, customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, U.S Census, and 3rd party research – just to name a few.