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Adzerk’s adOS is your ad management platform. You’ll have an advertiser portal to share logins with your advertisers, and adOS will even help you calculate earnings. Give advertisers the ability to upload creatives for you to approve. Their super easy three step process will have you serving ads in minutes.


Ad serving without ad code

Adzerk’s native ads API gives you the full power of an ad server without the mess and limitations of ad tags – a request to a single endpoint will deliver any type of creative content to your page or application.

The native ads API outputs a response in JSON format, wrapping your creative in any number of predefined or custom templates that are easily configured. We support HTML, JavaScript (local and hosted), CSS, Flash, and raw text that can be interpreted by your application.

Sell your inventory with confidence

If you sell your inventory on a per click or pure impression basis, it’s vital to know the performance of your traffic in the past, and how that will change in the future. Otherwise, you can easily overbook or underbook your inventory.

With Adzerk’s forecasting reports, you can forecast on any criteria to see past and current traffic, the rate of change, and a projection of future traffic. We present your future results broken out by advertiser and line item, and show how many unsold impressions remain so you can have a clear picture of how your campaigns are being divvied up, and how much you have available for sale.

You can forecast from one to four weeks in advance, or sixty days in advance. Plus, you can remove line items from the projection that you don’t plan to renew.

Maximize the value of each placement

Forecasting reports are available in any Adzerk account, but with the Advanced Forecasting app, you can also forecast on keywords that you can pass into your placements. This gives you granular insight into your inventory, which is especially important if you target campaigns to your placements depending on context (search results, page topics, etc.). Keyword forecasting opens up new ways to sell your inventory, which means more targeted buys for advertisers and better yield for you.

Insivia's Review

Adzerk is reliable. Publishers have told us how ads served through OpenX have been extremely slow, and sometimes blocked page loads. Adzerk uses the fastest ad code in the industry, combined with asynchronous ad tags that will load independently of the rest of a page and never slow down a page load. Adzerk is also robust. Publishers have complained that the free editions of OpenX lack the features they need to manage all their inventory (such as mobile support and reporting) and networks are missing many essential features in OpenX Enterprise (such as publisher portals and payouts). Adzerk is built with the needs of publishers and networks in mind, and Adzerk develops features on a regular basis based on demand from our clients Adzerk is user-friendly. Publishers mention that OpenX has a user interface that is confusing, and setting up new campaigns is difficult. Adzerk works directly with publishers and networks to develop and test an interface that is built for their workflow and maximizes their productivity. Starting a new campaign and generating ad tags in Adzerk takes literally seconds. Finally, Adzerk is well supported. Publishers report that OpenX support is either non-existent (depending on the OpenX version), or not able to meet their needs. Adzerk’s support team prides itself on quick response times, issue resolutions without escalations, and is integrated with our development and operations teams.

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