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9 Search Optimization Tips for Software & SAAS Companies

By their very nature, software and technology companies are embedded in the online economy.

Whether it’s a business-to-business software as a service (SaaS) company or a consumer-facing application, the truth is that a great deal of a software company’s success will be determined by one simple factor: 

Can people find you online?

How much do we love SaaS?

We have our own weekly show on how to grow SaaS companies.

Our team talks about everything from traffic and conversion to retention and user experience.

How good are we at SEO?

We beat all of our competitors with our own site and consistently help our clients do the same in their industries.

In one year, we took our client from being part of the pack to utterly dominating their competitors in the search engines...

SaaS SEO Case Study

Then our SEO Experts helped this company go from non-existence in Google search to acheiving real traffic...

SEO Growth Chart

And as we said, our own site has acheived Top 10 ranking greatness.  We've beat everyone of our direct competitors and in industry benchmarks we get 93% more organic search traffic than the average marketing agency...

Top 10 Rank SEO

What to look for in an SEO Agency.

Experience in SaaS & Software: Knowing the audience and tactics that work helps move you farther, faster.


Proven results: A reputable SEO company can prove their search ranking results like we showed above.

More than just SEO: SEO requires content writing, web design, social media, pr, and a wide range of skills to win.


Client testimonials: Any reputable Search Agency will be willing to share the names of clients they've worked with.


A great site and their own results: The company should be able to walk their own talk. if the site doesn't look great and rank well, then there may be something going on behind the scenes.

What to avoid in SEO firms.

Immediate SEO Results: If you are talking to someone who claims to get instant results then they are being disingenuous. SEO takes time and depending on the industry, focus words, competitive market and more it can vary in the time it takes to produce SEO results.

Guarantee: Ranking in search engines cannot be promised.  Run fast.  A process, best practices, and smart analysis should be followed to produce results but no one can guarantee a #1 placement. 

Incorrect Keyword Ranking Improvements: SEO is more than just ranking. You want to rank for the right terms or else you are driving the wrong traffic to your site. Make sure the graphs and charts that prove results are for real value and not just vanity.  SEO should be about driving the right people who will convert.

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What should you expect your SEO firm to do?

In-Depth Keyword Research
Find and discover phrases with high traffic volume, lower competition, and buyer intention.


Competitor Research
Know what your competitors rank for, what sites link to them, their traffic volumes, and more.


Link Profile Analysis
Understand the value of links and the best way to leverage external linking and internal cross-linking.


Link Building
Obtain links from outside sources through earned linking and outreach strategies.


Technical SEO
Optimize to the search algorithms requirements for caching, speed, coding and more.


Mobile Website Optimization
Ensure your site is fast and user-friendly meeting the requirments and tests from Google including Google Insights.

On-Page Optimization
Improve elements such as title tags, meta descriptions, headers, on-page copy, image compression, alt tags, and more.


Site + URL Structure
Plan and build the right architecture for pages and optimize URLs to use key phrases.


Content Strategy and Creation
Plan content around key phrase research and customer pain balancing analytical SEO data and audience personas.


Header Tag Optimization
Ensure that heirarchy tags are utilized correctly and leverage phrases.


Social Media Strategy
Use social to distribute content for social signals and link building.


Comprehensive Marketing
SEO is part of abigger strategy that includes creating micro-funnels, paid advertising, brand awareness, marketing automation, and more.

How should SaaS & Software companies do SEO?

Understand Customer Pains
People search for the problems they have and the challenges they face.  If you are able to understand these pains, then creating great content that target the right customers and lead them to your product will produce results.


Use Everything You Have
Creating content around specific features, announcing new features, building out help documentation, explaining solution for specific audience targets, and more. Use everything to create specific, focused, and valuable content.


Leverage Software Directories
There are lots of sites that feature products, startups, and SaaS solutions. A mix of directories, review sites, and more. These are perfect to not only achieve direct traffic but also build inbound links.


Reviews & Customer Links
Depending on your product, you may be able to leverage a badge system or get customers to provide reviews on App stores, search engines, and other sites.

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