Using QR Codes

September 25, 2012

Andy explains what you need to be thinking about when deciding to use a QR code.

Video Transcription

QR codes are a huge fad right now and everybody is putting them everywhere. The question is; are they really useful? The approach we usually take is that you’ve got to use them in certain circumstances.

One you have to give the person who is going to be scanning the QR code a reason to do so. They have to have an action that they are going to take and especially one that they can use on the go. So if I’m going to be scanning a QR code while I’m in a restaurant or while I’m walking down the street, what is the use that I’m actually going to have in that moment to scan that QR code and go to the website and use it. So if you’re doing QR codes you really need to have a purpose behind it.

The second thing that you really have to do is to make sure you have a mobile version. QR codes are about scanning on your phone or on your other device and going somewhere. If you use your regular website and it pulls up when you scan the QR code, you are really turning the user away. So when you’re using QR codes really think about the purpose, and what is the setup when they get to that site.

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