Do you show product pricing? Today Patrick lets you know if you should be.

Video Transcription

I typically believe in showing the product pricing on your website even if your competitors are not doing so. It offers a level of transparency to your customers and it shows that you believe in your product enough to show what the price is upfront. When doing so it’s really important to communicate the value and all the benefits of your product, so that your users are going to see where it’s going to add a benefit in their life, what it’s going to do with them and it’s really going to show the value of the product and not just the price behind it.

July 11, 2019 Seminar

Marketing Uncovered: Market Research & Assessments To Win

Know Where You Stand To Reach Your Destination This seminar will give you a step-by-step approach to gathering information from prospects, assessing your current marketing, and evaluating competitors. These elements are key to creating a plan for successful marketing and we’ll be giving you a unique insight into how to get it done. During this […]

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