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Seminar Overview

Having a good lead is the first step, but getting them to take action and close is where the magic happens. There are tons of great tools and little tactics that can get prospects to pay attention, have you follow up at the right time and get more sales to close.

On December 16th, Insivia’s Lunch & Learn Seminar will provide “hacks” (tips, tricks and tools) that will increase your close rate and make your sales process easier.

Insivia specializes in strategic integrated marketing, so if you can’t make it to the seminar, or are looking for help, contact us and we’ll setup a meeting to discuss your goals!

September 19, 2019 Seminar

Driving Traffic To Generate Leads: Content Marketing, Paid Ads & SEO

If your business if starving for new leads but struggling with all of the noise, rising costs, and a rapidly changing landscape of the digital marketing world, this seminar will equip you with what you need to gain momentum and leave with an actionable gameplan.

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