The Rise of Individualization in Marketing

On July 28, 2016 at 12:00pm

Your customers are bombarded with so much advertising, content, and marketing messages that they tune most of it out. Traditional approaches fail to be effective, and your brand is lost in a sea of competition and distractions.

How often have you spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on PPC or social media advertising campaigns only to see few (if any) results? How many unread blogs or articles have you posted? How many emails go unread? Should you just throw in the towel?

Of course not. Personalization and individualization are marketing approaches that are highly effective in not only making your messages heard, but making them impactful. At this seminar, Insivia CEO and founder Andy Halko will show you how to add new life into your marketing strategy and effectively reach your audience.

Join us July 28th at noon for lunch and the tools you will need to start being heard.

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The seminar will be held at:
MidTown Cleveland
5000 Euclid Ave, #100
Cleveland, OH 44103

Free parking is available behind the Agora off Prospect Ave.

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