Strategic Visioning – Building A Foundation for Big Growth

On June 29, 2016 at 11:00am

Our unique approach to helping companies create a vision for their organization to build consensus, drive direction, establishes market positions and create differentiation as well as build core company and customer service objectives. Strategic Visioning goes beyond a typical strategic plan to help companies create a vivid vision of their business in the future with a visual outcome that can be posted, shared and rallied around.

In our workshop, we will be diving in deep rather than just talking about these subjects. Working together to solve and create aspects of your vivid vision for your business. We have two hours to talk through our four primary areas and provide time for you to work on each area with the Insivia team there to help guide you.

The four primary areas of focus for this workshop will be:

1. Your Values & Company Manifesto
2. Your Differentiators
3. Positioning
4. Your Customer Experience Objectives

Come yourself or bring your team to get deep in our intensive workshop.

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