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What is GA4? Making Sense of the Latest Google Analytics Update for SaaS Companies

GA4 represents a significant shift in how data is collected and analyzed, with a new event-based data model that provides more flexibility and accuracy. It also includes machine learning capabilities to help businesses gain better insights into their user behavior and predict future trends.

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Google Tag Manager SetupIf not setup, provides a more advanced code insertion tool for your site.
GA4 SetupCreate account and basic configuration.
Setup Scroll TrackingTrack scroll of 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 90%.
Setup Share TrackingIf you have sharing.
Custom Event TrackingUp to 3 events where it makes sense for your site.
Form Submission TrackingUsing button click. More advanced options available based on CRMs.
Conversion ConfigurationMark events as conversions and report customization.
Key Report SetupOur primary list of common reports for non-ecommerce companies.
Content GroupingUp to 3 groups where it makes sense for your site.
Calendar Scheduling TrackingFor those using calendly to schedule on their sites.
One Hour TrainingGet a training video recorded for your analytics.
Internal FilteringSetup of IP addresses to mark traffic from internal teams.
HotJar SetupSetup of free version if you do not have.
Quarterly InsightA one hour quarterly meeting for one year to review reports and provide insight.
Additional Tag SetupMigration of other tags to Google tag Manager.
Product TrackingTrack your software product, app or intranet.
Core Web Vitals OptimizationOptimization for this key SEO factor including special Tag Manager install for speed.

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