How does the Right Message Boost your Marketing Efforts?

March 19, 2009

Think of the last time you bought a car. Of course, you thought about the safety ratings, gas mileage, and features you need, but there was also a big emotional element to your decision. Naturally, all buying decisions have a good mix of emotional and intellectual thinking behind them. It's important to make sure that your marketing informs people, but more importantly creates and emotional relationship.

Of course, intellectual thought will go into the buying decision. You can't sell someone the wrong feature set. However, along with that intellectual thought process, people have to trust you and they have to have a positive emotional connection to the investment they're making. If not, chances are they will do business with someone else or do nothing at all.

Now, this post isn't coaching you through closing a sale or product development. However, I do know that people will react to your marketing intellectually and emotionally when they make a decision. Take a closer look at all of your marketing. Does any of it relate to a specific problem resolution, unique pleasure or benefit someone might experience when working with your company or using your product? If it doesn't, you probably are not getting a whole lot of return on your investment.

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