Andy gives you a few tips for revamping you PPC campaign for the Holiday Season!

Video Transcription

Hey, everyone! The holidays are coming up and you might be ready to revamp your PPC campaigns or pay per click campaigns to get some better results. Some things that you can do are lets add some holiday messaging into the PPC ads just to gain attention especially during this time of year. Some other things you can do is make sure you’re looking at products that would be really good for the holiday season and focusing those and putting some extra budget in those and taking it away from other places.

Another thing you can do is do special holiday deals just in PPC ads. Make sure that you’re taking deals that last a short amount of time and are only for the holidays. Make sure that you put that ad copy into those ads. Then maybe set up some specific PPC campaigns that are focused on a certain day like Cyber Monday or Black Friday, and have those campaigns have a higher budget but make sure they’re only set up for that day. So if you’re doing pay per click campaigns and the holidays are coming up make sure you go in there and make some adjustments as we go through this holiday season. Thanks a lot and have a great Christmas!

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