Cleveland SEO Report

A report exploring key phrases and rankings across industries in the Cleveland, Ohio area during October 2018.

Report Executive Summary

Why Are We Reporting on Cleveland SEO Trends

As one of the leading firms providing search optimization services in the Cleveland area, Ohio, and across the US we know that we are a valuable resource and authority.

One thing that our clients are always looking to know is what are the best key phrases for their industry locally, who is ranking for them and why.  Since we have the tools and know-how, we want to be able to provide that information in a simple report that anyone can access.

This report focuses on providing insight into top key phrases across several b2b industries in the Cleveland region.  These numbers change all the time, but this report will provide a nice SEO snapshot for the fourth quarter of 2018.

We hope you find some value in the report to help you compete better in Google Search rankings.

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Table of Contents

Search Rank Priority

Cleveland Account SEO Report

Cleveland Lawyer SEO Report

Cleveland Restaurant SEO Report

Search Rank Priority

As you are reviewing some of the SEO statistics below, it is important to remember the typical number of how many clicks each rank gets.

Share of Search Engine Clicks

Search Engine Watch

The key here is that if a specific key phrase gets 500 searches per month, it is likely the first result would get 265 clicks per month.  How much could that impact your lead generation? This is why SEO can deliver big.

Industry:  Accounting

Key Phrase & Ranking Trends for Accountants in Cleveland

If a searcher is looking for an accountant in Cleveland, there are a number of phrases that may be searched. Here are some of the top general search phrases.

Key PhraseMonthly SearchesTotal ResultsDifficulty To Rank Organically
Ohio CPA5909,140,000Medium-High (6/10)
Accounting Firms In Cleveland1706,430,000Medium-Low (4.2/10)
Small Business Accountant Cleveland704,180,000Medium-Low (3.4/10)
Accounting Services Cleveland3024,500,000Medium-Low (3.6/10)
Accountants Cleveland OH2012,100,000Medium-Low (3.9/10)
Cleveland CPA Firms20827,000Medium-Low (4.4/10)
Accountant Cleveland108,030,000High (7.2/10)
Accounting Firms Cleveland OH102,480,000Medium-Low (4.4/10)

Top Ranking Companies

Barnes Wendling CPAs


Top Ranking Directories

Ohio CPA

Industry:  Law Firms

Key Phrase & Ranking Trends for Lawyers in Cleveland

Small and large business are always in need of legal help. Searching for general lawyer terms as well as specific is a common way to find representation.

Key PhraseMonthly SearchesTotal ResultsDifficulty To Rank Organically
Cleveland Law Firms7209,900,000Medium(5.2/10)
Attorneys in Cleveland Ohio26027,900,000Medium (5.4/10)
Cleveland Attorneys1708,900,000Medium-Low (5.7/10)
Law Firms in Cleveland Ohio9036,400,000Medium-Low (5.5/10)
Patent Law Firms Cleveland Ohio790----
Best Law Firms In Cleveland607,800,000Medium-High (6.1/10)
Real Estate Law Firms Cleveland Ohio405,700,000Medium-Low (4.5/10)
Crain's Cleveland Largest Law Firms20----

Top Ranking Companies

The Chandra Law Firm
(27k Backlinks + 642 Pages)

Friedman & Gilbert

Top Ranking Directories

US News Best Law Firms Cleveland Ohio

Crain's Cleveland List of Law Firms

Industry:  Restaurants

Key Phrase & Ranking Trends for Restaurants in Cleveland

Restaurants are a major search influenced business, especially on mobile devices. Visibility on Search Engines for a restaurant can significantly impact business.  The below search results are just a tiny sampling of Cleveland-related restaurant key phrases searched.

Key PhraseMonthly SearchesTotal ResultsDifficulty To Rank Organically
Cleveland Restaurants22,200157,000,000Medium-High (6.3/10)
Downtown Cleveland Restaurants14,80014,000,000Medium-High (6.4/10)
Best Restaurants in Cleveland12,100142,000,000Medium-High (6.7/10)
Restaurants in Cleveland Ohio5,40038,900,000Medium-High (6.3/10)
Cleveland Flats Restaurants2,9001,700,000Medium (5.8/10)
Cleveland Restaurant Week1,90021,000,000Medium-High (6.4/10)
Best Restaurants in Downtown Cleveland1,90036,300,000Medium-High (6.6/10)
New Restaurants in Cleveland1,90057,500,000Medium-High (6.6/10)

Top Ranking Companies

Blue Point Grille

The Flying Fig

Top Ranking Directories

THE 10 BEST Cleveland Restaurants 2018 - TripAdvisor

100 best restaurants in Cleveland


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