Video Blogging Is An Easy & Effective Content Marketing Tactic

Show your expertise, increase search rank, and convince customers with video.

Build a relationship and establish expertise by delivering weekly videos.

Filmed and created quarterly, we make it easy for you to have content that can be placed on your site, delivered through social media & email and also increases your site's search rank.

Why Start A Video Blog

There are many reasons - here are a few...

Easy Content Marketing

It can be hard to get people to write articles or create white papers, but put an expert in front of a camera and ask a question about what they do - you get gold in minutes.

Add Personality

People buy from people and the web can be a cold place. Videos allow you to create a relationship with prospects and visitors in a way text just can't.

Establish Expertise

Content marketing is about planting a flag and defining yourself as the go-to people for what you do. Video can quickly rely that you are the best.

Search Optimization

Having more content on your site increases search optimization and specific topics used in videos gets you to the top of the ranks for customer pains.


We should all post on Social Media and send out newsletters, but it can be hard. With consistent video content you have a library of great posts.

Sales Support

When trying to close a deal, its hard to come up with a reason to follow up. Having a library of videos you can send to prospects lets you follow up, be an expert and impress them.


Check Out Some of Our Videos

It's Pretty Easy Too

We work with you to film and produce the videos on a quarterly basis.  Then, you have a library of videos to use for 3 months. Pretty simple.

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