In this Insivia insight, Patrick talks about remarketing and retargeting ads. These are a great PPC function that allow you to individualize the experience of your audience.

Remarketing ads work by sending targeted messages to the user based on their browsing history and behavior. As Patrick notes in the video, good examples of these are when items that you leave in your shopping card wind up being ad fodder on other pages. It can seem almost creepy, but most people not only have become accustomed to them, but find them less invasive than traditional ads.

These work very well in B2C marketing, but are great for B2B businesses as well. They do wonders for branding and work especially well for very specific products and services. Even if the user doesn’t click on the ad, they still see the message. As a matter of fact, with our internal remarketing campaigns, we are happy with low click through rates and high impression numbers. In a way, we see it as low-cost advertising that keeps our brand fresh in our audience’s mind.

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July 11, 2019 Seminar

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