Andy talks about his biker mustache and the meaning behind Movember! Please help me raise money for Prostate Cancer research. I am growing a ‘stash’ for Movember to promote awareness and accepting dontations here: Video Transcription Hi everybody! It’s November and November means that there’s a bunch of guys out there right now that are growing mustaches, which is Movember. The month when men are growing mustaches to raise awareness for prostate cancer. You probably see now that I have a little biker mustache started here that’s about 15 days old, and even though my girlfriend was really afraid in the beginning she’s really starting to like it now so who knows maybe it will stay forever. But if you’re checking out this video please look at the address that I’ve go here on the front of the screen and click on it and go donate some money for prostate cancer awareness and I’d really appreciate it. So happy mustache growing and I’ll talk with you soon!

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