Marketing Campaigns You Can Fall in Love With

February 15, 2015

Valentine's day is a time for love, chocolate, and marketing. No, really. We've seen an increase in spend and a growing number of purchases outside of the traditional spousal gifting in recent years. February 14 has grown to be a very important date to marketers. But don't stifle the brilliance displayed during holiday campaigns to one day or season! Learn how you can take tactics from successful Valentine's day marketing campaigns and translate them into your everyday marketing strategies.

Starbucks & Match

Not everyone is lucky in love, so Starbucks and decided to team up this year and create a campaign targeted towards singles looking to pair up. There will be a section on Match's mobile app called "Meet at Starbucks" where users can click to find the closest coffee shop, allowing people to "more easily reach out and make that first coffee date." Then on February 13, from 2 pm until close, Starbucks will offer special coffee and pastry pairings to all customers -- turning the shops into the world's largest Starbucks date.

Lesson learned: Establish a winning partnership. Not all campaigns need to be created from the mind of one marketing team. Figure out a partner company or industry thought leader that would be the perfect pairing for your product or service.


The Scandinavian-style furniture powerhouse is known for its winning marketing strategies, whether they're making people laugh or appreciate a truly innovative approach. And this Valentine's day is no different. For the third year in a row, Ikea is capitalizing on the holiday with its product line.

Ikea Singapore displayed its new line of "beds" across its social media channels, both cheeky and clever -- if you ask me.

Lesson learned: Don't be afraid to take a risk. Not every campaign you dream up will be a success but you will be doomed for boredom if you never push the boundaries a little bit. However, always remember to keep your target audience in mind. You don't want to push so far that you end up pushing your customers away.

Flower Council of Holland

This one is my personal favorite. Flower Council of Holland, an industry group that helps florists build their businesses, installed 1,500 little red boxes modeled after emergency boxes?but contain single red roses?throughout Paris. The boxes read, "In case of love at first sight, break glass." (Don't worry, the "glass" is actually cellophane.) Adorable and clever. To see the campaign in full affect, view the video below.

According to, Valentine's day is the number one holiday for florists -- which really doesn't come as much of a surprise. Personally, I think flowers for Valentine's day are both classic and trite. Americans are expected to spend $2.1 billion on flowers this holiday so why would a business like the Flower Council of Holland spend top dollar to create a creative ad like this? Well, branding for one. It's mission statement, "Keeping flowers and plants constantly top of mind with the consumer," Did it work? Well, I, along with others, are writing about them and their video has been viewed more than 80,000 times.

Lesson learned: Put a creative spin on an old tradition. Just because your product is common, doesn't mean your marketing needs to be common.

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