#Ten2Win: Manufacturing Search Engine Optimization Strategy

June 4, 2014

Manufacturing Search Engine Optimization Highlights

The Client in Need

An experienced manufacturing company that's been around for over 60 years has hired a new CEO. He is looking to revamp the company's digital presence to help drive leads to the sales team.

The Issues at Hand

The Website is currently lacking SEO as well as the pieces needed to optimize, such as content and social presence. 12% of the site's visitors are from mobile, but the site isn't optimized for mobile, nor is there a mobile version.

Internally, the site is outdated and slow to load resulting in poor usability. The lack of a site hierarchy, indexed pages, and inbound links is seriously hurting their search engine rankings.

The Strategy toWin

The company has a lot of potential and a giant advantage - none of their competitors are doing anything at all. This opens up a huge opportunity to jump in and grab valuable market share. That means they will be able to gain a lot of ground quickly.

LANDING PAGES: Keywords and URL-specific web pages that are focused on a specific product or service.

Since the company doesn't want to do a complete site redesign, they need to create something that looks good to drive their PPC traffic to. The company needs to focus on industries they work with and services they offer and create landing pages for each of them.

Once we know the target audience we can tailor the information across all the landing pages to better connect with the engineers, maintenance teams, and corporate-level people search for the information.

A keyword analysis would need to be performed to see what these people are searching for. As well, we will need to spend some time assessing the quality score in order to save some money on the PPC campaign.

SITE OPTIMIZATION: The process of making a website as functional, or effective as possible. Making a website load quicker.

On-site optimization is crucial to good SEO. A slow load time is a key factor that is severely hurting their rank. One of the big issues with the company's site is the load time.

Media on the site takes up a lot of room. First we need to go through the images on the site and see which ones are outdated or irrelevant and either delete or replace them. Image files and formats should be optimized to reduce size. Any video that is native to the site should be completely removed. All video files should be replaced with videos embedded from YouTube, Vimeo, or a similar video-hosting site. This will not only reduce bandwidth but will make the content easier to share.

The next steps are to go through the code within the site and create alt tags, title tags, and other meta tags. Using meta data, along with restructuring the pages to have a hierarchy, will optimize the company website for search engine bots to index.

Lastly, with a large portion of visitors coming from mobile, and with mobile optimization being a factor of SEO, the company needs to have a mobile presence. The options are to either build a mobile version of the site, or to build their original site so it is responsive to different devices.

CONTENT CREATION: Textual, visual or aural content that is encountered as part of the user experience on websites. It may include text, images, sounds, videos and animations.

Content is the king of any SEO efforts. Content is what attracts and engages visitors on your site and in turn reinforces that your site is worthwhile and should be ranked higher.

The company should consider the following content.


    • Infographics can be created on virtually any topic to represent data in a more appealing visual way. Plus they are easy to share and make great collateral to leave with customers.

Case Studies

    • Case studies are great social proofs. What an engineer really wants to see is that you've helped someone like them in the past, how can you help them as well. These also make great collateral material.

Tech Tools

    • Any simple technology tool we can create will help the sales team close deals when they are talking to potential customers.


    • The company might consider creating a video series that address customer pains by having them as questions and having experienced engineers answer them.

    • Videos that show 'behind the scenes' or 'how it's made' are great educational and engaging pieces of content that can easily be shared and drive SEO.

DISTRIBUTION: Using various media, such as blogs, social networks, or email, to host and distribute video, articles, presentations, images, books, and other types of content.

Properly distributing all of the content that's been created will raise brand awareness and help drive leads back to the site. The more content is distributed and shared the greater the effect on SEO.

The company should consider the following methods to distribute content.

Social Sharing

      • The company needs to build a presence on social media sites. They also need to allow content on their site to be easily sharable on social media.


      • Professional groups on linkedIn will be a great way for the company to reach specific targeted audiences as well as networking and referral opportunities.

Industry specific forums/websites

      • Just like linkedIn, these will be a great way of reaching targeted audiences and a great source of networking.

Trade Magazines

      • The company can leverage the magazine's social media to spread content.


      • Building up the company's contact list and sending out newsletters is a great way of sharing content, keeping them updated and also be a conversion point to drive new customers.


      • Expos and tradeshows are a great place to share cool content, develop solid relationships, and gain exposure. They are also a great place for sharing collateral such as Infographics and case studies.


    • Companies that have speakers always tend to get a greater influx of interest and engagement because they are perceived as being experts in their industry.

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