How the Latest LinkedIn Updates Can Benefit You

October 19, 2012

Andy talks about the recent LinkedIn updates and how they can benefit you.

Video Transcription

I want to talk about two new things on Linkedin that we’ve noticed recently and have really tried to take advantage of. The first is on your profile list skills and now be endorsed. So if I would list a skill under mine as marketing strategy, I could then have clients and connections come in and endorse me for that skill. This is a great tactic and something you want to promote to try and get your skills endorsed. What it does is list out specifically what you do and then has people in the community that are saying ok this person is really good at it.

So you really want to look at these endorsements for your skills. The other thing that recently came out is company updates. So on your company page you can actually start putting updates just like you would for your own status and your company can have these. So its really important to get out there and start putting the updates in for your company and build that feed so as people start following your business they are also seeing this information that you’re feeding through. So those are two really good things that you want to start looking at with Linkedin right away and it will start making things look better.

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