Leverage the power of extreme targeting on LinkedIn to market to the perfect prospects & candidates.

Find people by title, region, job skill, software usage, company, industry and more to connect and put the perfect messaging in their inbox or on their feed.

We have several tools to find audiences and even individual people to send connection requests, send inMails, display promoted posts to, and engage with.

We've developed a specialized program just for LinkedIn to leverage the power of the biggest business networking site in the world.

LinkedIn Connection & Messaging.

The simple answer is that we leverage tools to make highly targeted connection requests and send a series of enticing messsages automatically.

Key Strategy:  We match the message to the audience perfectly and have perfected the message strategy to get results.

Here's the process.

First, we find individual people on Linked in based on target criteria including title, region, job skills, software used, and a wide range of other specific factors.

Next, we create a series of messages that will resonate with the target audience. CEOs might get one series of messsages while managers get another.

Then we setup campaigns to make connection requests and follow-up with messages. Rules allow us to stop or change the campaign based on their interaction or response.

Last, we measure results and adjust cmpaign messages and targets to increase the desired outcomes.

LinkedIn Promoted Posts.

We choose target audiences to show specific posts to in their LinkedIn feed.

Key Strategy:  We keep it value-based for the target audience rather than salesy to drive them into your funnel.

Here's the process.

First, we determine narrow segments of audiences and select specific content that will resonate with that audience.

Second, we setup the promoted posts to display and gather data about interactions.

Every month, we update the posts and develop new target audiences to discover the best campaigns.

LinkedIn Content Publishing.

We leverage LinkedIn's publishing platform to create unique content that will speak to connections.

Key Strategy:  Tie it wil automation and promoted post campaigns as well as always include a call to action.

Here's the process.

We work with you to develop a calendar and schedule of topics to create content on based on target audiences in the automation and promoted posts campaigns.

Next we utilize our topic investigation process to gather unique insights from you that our writers can leverage to create both impactful and personalized content.

Published on LinkedIn's platform under your profile and promoted on your feed, in automation campaigns, and through promoted posts.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages.

Leverage company showcase pages to display your offerings and unique value points.

Key Strategy:  Fill everything out completely and use tags to tie it to other LinkedIn content.

Here's the process.

We identify the right pages to create based on your services, products, feature sets, or even target audiences.

Each month we work with you to create content and media to develop a new page and then promote it via LinkedIn.

Get started or talk with our team.

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