Chad lets you know how you should be using white space in your design pieces.

Video Transcription

A lot of people think that when you’re designing that you want to use all the space given to you. Well in reality the use of negative space can really improve the overall design of a piece. What negative space does is gives your content more room to breath, makes it more inviting and open for the viewers to browse through, and less claustrophobic. Negative space isn’t something that should be feared but in fact should be embraced.

July 11, 2019 Seminar

Marketing Uncovered: Market Research & Assessments To Win

Know Where You Stand To Reach Your Destination This seminar will give you a step-by-step approach to gathering information from prospects, assessing your current marketing, and evaluating competitors. These elements are key to creating a plan for successful marketing and we’ll be giving you a unique insight into how to get it done. During this […]

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