Why You Should Use Google Alerts

September 27, 2012

Andy talks about Google alerts and whether or not you should use them.

Video Transcription

We’re talking Google alerts this morning and what I want to talk about is just setting up very simply whether for your own personal name our your company’s name Google alerts. All you have to do is go and set up an account and create some alerts where Google will any time something new gets added to the web for that search term, send you an email and let you know what it is.

I put it on for our company’s name, and I put it on for my personal name. I even put alerts on some of the services that we do, and even some of the competitors that we have. That way I’m getting a good sense of what is happening on the web real time through Google as things get put into their search rankings. So if you don’t have it set up today, you can easily go to Google alerts and set up things at least for your company’s name and your personal name so you can know what’s going out on the web.


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