When Should You See Results From SEO?

March 18, 2013

Today Patrick explains why you need to stay persistent during your SEO campaign.

Video Transcription

So you’ve dived into SEO and you’re not seeing results. It’s natural to want to give up and spend that money in a time elsewhere, but I want to say don’t abandon ship. You know there’s few things that you can do to revitalize your campaign, and they are all very easy, and they start with just thinking out your strategy. Revisit your goals you make sure that they’re attainable make sure it’s something that is possible for your business or something that you were audience or your customers are going to find natural. Try different tactics. If you try one thing and it hasn’t worked for six months you try to get a little bit. Test out little differences and try out and see if it works. Also try to narrow your target. It’s hard to grab everything here, but if you can get a niche segment of your market if you really capture that take what’s worked from that and build it out later and expand a larger part of your market increase sales in all what I want to say is don’t abandon ship after just a short amount of time always remember the SEO takes time it takes experience and it takes a little bit of persistence. If you don’t know where to start join us at our SEO campaign seminar and we can give you help.

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