How Social Media is Affecting SEO

March 15, 2013

Today Matt explains how Social Media is effecting SEO and what you need to do to take advantage of it.

Video transcription

Today I wanted to quickly explain how Social Media is affecting the world of SEO and why you need to pay attention to it. Well over the last few years we’ve seen social media become a part of everyday life and more and more social media sites are seeing millions of hits a day. And because users are spending hours on social media, search engines have started to pay more attention. They’ve begun to put more emphasis on what is happening in social media, and so much so that it has actually started to impact your page ranking. This has become known as social buzz. So if your site is being linked to in many posts on social media then it can help increase that page’s search engine ranking. And if people are frequently mentioning your brand and are talking about certain topics, search engines will pick up on that and increase that sites ranking. So make sure you are using all your outlets and creating a buzz around your brand to help with you SEO campaign.

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