Insivia, Finalists in NEOSA: Best of Tech

June 2, 2010

Insivia, a Strategic Marketing and Design Firm, was a Finalist for the Best Internship Program in the NEOSA: Best of Tech Event on May 19. The Best of Tech awards recognizes great tech companies and leaders that support the region’s growth.

Insivia has doubled in size during the economic decline and it looks like this innovative group will continue to grow; Andy Halko, Insivia’s CEO, comments, “We place a lot of responsibility on our interns, and as the company grows we are able to place many of them into full-time employment at Insivia. In fact, nearly half of our full-time staff started out in our internship program.”

Insivia currently holds paid internships for web design, web development, and public relations. “Interns at Insivia are full-time and treated like a real employee. As an intern, I get that real world feel and hands-on experience in a field that interests me,” says current intern, Jenna Gentner.

Other finalists for the internship award were FirstEnergy, Hyland Software, and Rosetta. “As a small company, being a finalist next to these big companies was an honor to say the least,” says Halko. NEOSA Best of Tech Awards were held Wednesday, May 19 at the Cuyahoga Corporate College. NEOSA (North East Ohio Software Association) is a member-based organization promotes the Northeast Ohio region’s advancement in the technology community and IT industry. 

About Insivia

Insivia is a Strategic Growth Consultancy helping software & technology companies scale through research, brand strategy, integrated marketing, web design, and retention.