Engaging presentations with effective visuals can be key when trying to capture your audience’s attention. Each day we’re constantly bombarded with information and if you’re anything like me, my attention span seems to be thinning day by day. We’ve all sat through someone’s presentation slide after slide trying our best to ignore the text message that just popped up or the Facebook notification that just came in on our iPhone.

So, if you’re looking to put together an exciting presentation that will actually keep your audience’s attention, your first thought might not want to be PowerPoint. Now don’t me wrong, there are certainly some amazing PowerPoints out there, but even they tend to lose their “wow” factor after a few slides. Even if you added some fancy animation or outdated word art, your presentation will still strongly resemble something we’ve all seen thousands of times before.

If you’re looking to free yourself from the conventional model that is PowerPoint check out Prezi. With a visual focus, this software is better suited for the way we think in today’s internet-enabled world. Instead of being restricted, this non-linear, anti slide-based model allows you to start with an overextending structure or image. Prezi lets you zoom in and out  to effectively communicate both the big picture and the finer details. The fluid freedom Prezi provides allows for a more interactive way to communicate your ideas. With Prezi, the visual mechanisms set the context.

Is Prezi Right for Me?

If you’re a forward-looking business who loves to be different then look no further. Prezi can be a strong alternative for your company. As a presenter, it gives you the freedom to be natural on stage. Prezi allows you to become a storyteller and connect with your audience. Prezi isn’t about delivering information, but more about inspiring. It allows you to become an artist. With Prezi, you break the mold. We all know how routine slides can become. Prezi becomes your playground and, in the words of Charles Wright, allows you to “express yourself!” Prezi lets your audience see things in a different way. This platform encompasses the basic principles of a great presentation – structure, storytelling, and powerful supporting visuals that will enhance your message and bring clarity to your most persuasive points.

How to Use Prezi for Your Business

There are many ways Prezi can help your business, including:

  1. Pitching to potential investors
  2. Spicing up an existing presentation
  3. Showcasing a new product or service

This software offers a fresh new take on traditional presentation. Prezi will certainly help you feel more creative and also give you the space to visualize your ideas. Behind every great brand is a great story. Stories are what help people to make decisions about what to do next and how they will do it. Let us help you tell your story.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to leverage Prezi for your business, contact us today. We want to learn your objectives and make sure your key messages don’t get lost in the mix. Let’s make an impact on your audience and create something you’re proud to use.

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