There are many key performance indicators that you can track, but some are more telling than others.


Video Transcription

It’s always important to measure the success and failures of your campaign so you can know what to adjust accordingly. It’s also important to know which Key performance indicators you should be measuring for. I do think that it varies from campaign to campaign or business to business but some of my favorite KPIs for B2B companies are repeat visitors.

You know it’s always important to get a lot of traffic to your site, but what’s really important is the traffic that comes back time and time again. Ultimately it means they are engaged to your brand, they are finding your information valuable, and they want to learn more and eventually do a sale with you.

It’s also important to track phone calls. You know using a really easy to use phone tracking software, you can tell exactly where a customer has seen your phone number on your website, and you can track that site or page’s success from there.