How to use QR codes for B2B Companies

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Today Andy shares a few ways B2B companies can use QR codes for mobile marketing.

Video Transcription

Hello everybody! I want to talk a little bit about QR codes for B2B companies and one use you might not think of is using QR codes for standard tasks that your clients might take or might do on a regular basis that would be important for them to get information on their mobile phones or their iPad devices or whatever it might be. One use could be QR codes on a product or a box that go to instruction booklets or videos that help people put together parts or understand how they might fit into the device that they go into another might be restaurants or other retail locations they want to use a QR code that leads to training videos for people that as they go through a back end of the store or something like that they could scan the code and watch the video. What I think really is important is to think how you could use QR codes in your business not to market necessarily the new clients but to utilize the way your customers interact with you or your employees interact with you better so think about how you could use QR codes and try something different today.