How to Choose the Right Keywords

March 25, 2013

A frequent question we get is whether or not you should repeat your keywords. The easy answer is that repletion works just fine as long as the meaning of the phrase as a whole is varied.

Use All Available Tools

One mistake many people make when selecting their keywords is that they don’t use any tools to find them. People decide to just pick out random words they feel best fit their site.

What you should do is come up with a list of keywords and phrases that best represent your website and that you feel real people will use to search for you. Once you’ve compiled a list, run each word or phrase through a Keyword tool and find the ranking and competition level for each one. Filter out any that have a low search percentage and a high competition level. Those keywords won’t be of any use to you.

Tools to use:

Scope out the Competition

All seo services advising: take a short list of competitors and run through their website to see what keywords they are using. This can usually be done by going to the site,  right click and select “view source code.” You will be able to see the meta tags and keywords. This will help you figure out the most commonly used keywords for your type of business and see what is working for your competitors.

Be Specific

When selecting keywords you need to try to be as specific as possible. Avoid using overly general words that most likely will not be use by your audience. For example don’t use words like Dog Breeder, but instead use the specific type of dog like Golden Retriever Breeder. This will help cut back on your bounce rate and filter out unwanted clicks. This will also make sure the people that find your site are most likely to follow through the sales process.

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