How to Choose a Domain Name

October 24, 2012

Andy gives a few tips for choosing a domain name for your site.

Video Transcription

When looking at choosing a domain name you really want to do a couple things. You want to first look at what are some main keywords that you can use in the domain. When people are coming to the site you really want them to get a clean idea of what you do and then also use that for the search engines. If you have some of those main keywords in there then the search engines will pick them up. The other thing you want to do with a domain name is make it really easy to type in. If you are using really complex words or really long domains then it’s going to be harder for people to do. So at the end of the day you want to keep it really short, simple and easy for people to remember and put into the address and find you. So if you are creating a new domain name for a site, make sure you keep it simple, use those keywords and find something awesome out there.

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