How To Change Up Your PPC For The Holidays

December 9, 2013

Today Andy shares how you can change up your PPC ads in order to boost their performance over the Holiday season.

Video Transcription

Its pay per click month here at Insivia and we’re talking all about using Google AdWords, Facebook advertising, retargeting and all these topics. With the holidays coming up I wanted to talk a little bit about changing up what you’re doing especially here at the end of the year when people are out there buying. If you’ve got any sort of advertising out there especially in pay-per-click like Google AdWords, your doing some Facebook Ads, potentially LinkedIn, I really suggest going in here in the month of December and looking at those ads and changing up some things shoppers are different this time a year other types of products that they’re looking for, the deals that they’re looking for, what information gets them to drive into an ad like free shipping or potentially other terms that relate to what they’re buying.

Even looking at competitors that you have and putting some advertising out to compete with keywords related to their brand or their products. Here in December with the holidays coming up really look at what your ads are saying and this is an opportunity to throw in a couple new versions of ads that could really try some new things out for the holiday and see what type a response you’re getting. So I hope that after seeing this video you go and take a look at changing up some of those ads and again we have a seminar December 17th on pay per click, retargeting and all these topics so please show up and we hope to see you there.

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