Handling Your Online Real Estate

October 5, 2012

Andy lets you know how you should be handling your online real estate to help protect you and your brand.

Video Transcription

You want to make sure that you have your online real estate and what that means is first domain names. If you have your company’s .com that’s great but you want to make sure that you get the other ones so that you have the ownership. How many you should get depends on you but I would get as many as you think you might be able to use for other marketing campaigns and to make sure that you have control over your brand.

The other aspect of online real estate is user names and URLs for social media. Like facebook.com/insivia, twitter.com.insivia and all the thousands of social media platforms out there. You want to get that real estate, that username or that URL before other people do so that they don’t take your brand away from you. So what you want to do is there is a great website out there called usernamecheck.com. Go to it ad you can put in your name like Insivia and it will show you all the different social media sites and whether that username has been taken. So it’s a quick easy way to find out if a lot of the majority of social media sites are available for you to register. So go out there right now and make sure you have that real estate because you don’t want to loose it to someone else.

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