Social media has changed the way we communicate with each other, in both our personal and professional lives. Making connections on social media is becoming more important as years pass. There are many benefits to building these connections including:

• Building a loyal following to your firm

• Meeting like-minded professionals in the professional service industry

• Forming strategic business partnerships

• Having influencers in your career field promote your products or service

Today, let’s go over the three steps you can take to build connections on social media that truly matter:

1. Connect with current and potential clients

Depending on your practice, it may be appropriate (and extremely beneficial) to connect with your clients on social media. Now, I’m not suggesting you immediately friend your top clients on Facebook and like all of their vacation pictures. Social media can still be professional. Take LinkedIn, for example. You can now add notes to your connections that contain useful information only visible to you. Detail how you met and set a reminder to follow-up with current and potential clients.

Relationship marketing is a used to create a loyal customer base and retain clients. In today’s modern age, social media can be at the heart of this practice.

2. Increase your engagement

Once you’ve made a social media connect, don’t fall silent. Be active on your channels and engage with your connections or followers. Comment on a shared article that resonates with you. Prompt thought-provoking questions on Twitter and LinkedIn. And of course, respond to any direct communication you receive. Increasing your engagement, or keeping it consistent, will help keep the “social” aspect alive in your social media.

3. Share valuable information 

This last point is the most important when it comes to establishing yourself as a thought leader. Sharing valuable information across all of your social channels consistently will help establish you as an expert in your practice field. Join LinkedIn Group discussions and answer questions people put out on sites like Quora.

Remember that building relationships online is similar to building them in person. Following the three main points above will allow you to connect with the right people and maintain a social media relationship.  If you’re looking to expand your social media usage, check out our integrated marketing services.

Written by: Justine Timoteo

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