Apple Maps: How to Be Listed

To Rewrite🕑 Reading Time: 1 Minutes

With the new iPhone 5 release along with the iOS 6 update, many business owners are left wondering how they get their business’s listed on the new Apple Maps app. To help many of you with this burning question we’ve found the easiest way of accomplishing this.

Here is a step-by-step guide to get listed:

  1. Begin by opening the Apple Maps app
  2. Search for your business name
  3. If the name does not appear select the page fold in the bottom right corner
  4. Above “Print” select Report a Problem
  5. Select Location is Missing and then hit next
  6. Position the pin to the correct location of your business and then hit next
  7. Now you will enter your business details and make sure you select a category
  8. When you’ve provided all the information needed you can then hit send.

Some reports say that the listing appears right away and others report a period of time in between the posting.

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