How can you Move into New Geographical Regions?

February 4, 2013

Today Andy lets you know how you can move into other geographical regions.

Video Transcription

So a common question we get is, how do we expand into a new geographical region? This is a common trend for most businesses. Some things that you can do to really help move into new areas would be, be very specific about a product or service and vertical that you’re selling in that area. Take a vertical like medical, a specific product you have and focus on just that one piece just for that geographical region, and put marketing around it. Use landing pages, microsites, campaigns and etc. around that very specific piece. The reason being is that you want to create differentiation. There are firms in that new area that do what you do, but maybe you can create a very focused service to a vertical that can really help to create a that differentiation and be that blue ocean strategy within a new region.

Some other things you can do is look for partners and resellers. People that don’t compete with you but would be a great referral source, or resellers that would take the very specific product or service and be able to resell it for you.

The last thing that you do is come up with some marketing campaigns that are focused on groups. Get involved with groups that are in that area, non-profits, networking groups and other groups like that and use that vertical and service and focus your marketing for those groups and what you talk about on that. So again if you are looking to get into those geographic regions, be specific so you an go in there and have something different to sell than the competitors that are already exist there.

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