How Can You Effectively Market to College Students?

August 3, 2011

As college students, all we do is eat, sleep, go to class, and party (and not necessarily in that order). While college students are one of the best target audiences, they can also be one of the most difficult to reach. With a few tools to get to know them better, college students can be a great audience for your next marketing campaign.

First, you should know that we have an attention span of about 30 seconds. If we can’t get the general concept of your product in a short amount of time, we won’t bother to look any further into what you’re selling. An easy way in doing this is a t-shirt, poster, text message or social media update. Practically every college student has a cell phone or social media page and spends the most time on both of those outlets.

Next, we are poor college students; free giveaways always catch our attention. Redbull trucks, free food, and free clothes usually bring swarms of students to any event. There are many festivals, meetings and gatherings where a free gift could make anyone take a survey or take a closer look at your product.

Finally, everyone wants to be the person to discover the next coolest thing. Having a new product that could potentially make our lives easier or more enjoyable is every college students dream, and if you’re the first, it’s even better. We will be happy to blow our extra bit of cash on something that we can really see helping our lives. If you can make it apply well enough to us, we will probably buy it.

With these three tools you should be able to tap into the college market very successfully, and don’t forget, a little creativity helps too!

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