New Website Guide

So, you are ready to build a new website?

Well, you are definitely in the right place.

What’s This Page About

Let’s Get The Ball Rolling

I am really excited to talk with you about your website.  This page is a short guide to help us through the process of creating a quote for your new website.

Below you’ll find some topics we commonly discuss in the first meeting, information we’ll need, and some quick facts about Insivia.

The First Meeting

Questions & Topics We Might Ask About

When we meet or talk on the phone to discuss your needs, here are common topics we’d like to discuss.

What are your goals for the site?
Lead generation, product purchases, calls, demo requests, employee applications, services for customers are just some of the primary purposes for your project.

Do you want your content professionally rewritten?
Professional writing significantly increases the sophistication, comprehension, and conversion of your site.

Are you utilizing a CRM or marketing automation system?
Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo or another platform.

What features are you looking for?
Team directory, e-commerce, calculator, assessment tool, portfolio, property listings, members area, intranet or other interactive features?

Do you have visual assets or need them created?
Professional photography, custom graphics, video, or virtual tours.

What kind of marketing tactics are you using now or want to?
Blog, resource center, gated content, webinars, landing pages, a/b testing, or other marketing.

Do you have a strong brand strategy?
Have you done market research, defined what makes you different, and created a strong messaging platform?

How important are security and compliance?
GDPR, COPPA (13 and under), ADA (for handicapped visitors), or advanced security.

Do you have a pre-determined budget?
A new website can at a wide range of complexity levels. A budget range is good to understand so we can prioritize what should be considered in the scope.

Information That Helps

Things We Might Ask For

If available, the following items can help us create an accurate estimate for you.

  • A recent analytics report or access to analytics.
  • A list of marketing and sales software you use.


Some Quick Info On Insivia

We’ve been in business since 2002.

We’re located at The Agora in Downtown Cleveland. ( Check out our virtual tour. )

About 65% of our clients are in Ohio and the rest spread both in the US and internationally.

We are both a consultancy and an agency.