Law Firm Marketing – Getting People to Share Your Articles

April 22, 2015

One of the biggest hesitations businesses have with creating content is the concern about whether its been seen. Lawyers, in particular, are busy. Writing articles may fall very low on their priority list. Especially if there isn’t a lot of confidence that their content will ever be viewed or shared with colleagues or potential clients.

While no one can guarantee your content will go viral, there are ways to increase your contents visibility. Here are five things to consider:

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1. Create Content On Current Events

Keeping your ear to the ground on new issues that pertain to your area of expertise and creating content that is relevant is a tactic called “news jacking.”News jackingdoes not require hours of scrolling through sites. Utilize tools like Google Alerts and Shepherd’s Alerts (LexisNexis) to track key terms relevant to your niche. This allows you to review only a handful of articles that pertain to your area of expertise. Someone who is doing a great job of this is LisaBloom,and her site Avvo’s NakedLaw Blog. It’s April and her highlighted article relates to taxfilings,because she knowsthat’swhat people are interested in.

Always make sure to syndicate your article across social media channels where popular news trends are compiled for users to review in bulk.

2. Quality Not Quantity Rules

There was a time when having a lot of content out there was a strong factor in driving search engine results for your site. Google’s algorithm has since began to favor quality content over sites providing large amounts of “weak” articles. Don’t blog just to blog. Make sure your article provides real benefits to its target audience. If you only need 200 words to say it, then don’t stretch it to 600. Keep it concise and you’ll have a better chance of getting it shared.

3. Keep It Light

Most lawyers and law firms create content for brand awareness. While conveying the facts is important, people will begin to associate your personality with your writing style. Make sure potential clients feel comfortable picking up the phone and calling you.

4. Show Your Passion and Have a Conversation

People want to know that you are passionate about what you do. Include anecdotes and insights into past experience to connect with your potential clients. One of the best parts of content marketing is the ability for your end users to connect with you on a personal level.

5. Stick to What You Know

AtInsiviawe pride ourselves on creating marketing plans that are an inch wide and a mile deep as opposed to the converse. While your overall marketing plan as a firm should include morehigh levelcontent, lawyers themselves should stick with content they know and can provide solid insight into. The biggest motivation for continuing to create great content is seeing results. Make sure your site is set up to track userbehavior.How many people are visiting your article? Where are they coming from? Do they utilize the call to action? What happens when they get back to the overall site?

These are questions that will help provide insight into the effectiveness of your content marketing and also give you better information into what is working and what content you should focus on.

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By Derek Gales

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