Cleveland, June 4, 2010: When Green Innovations came to Insivia, they were looking for a website design that would carry a professional feel and introduce their green philosophy to a larger audience. Insivia worked with their mission in mind, creating a unique website that reflects their services. The new site just launched.

Insvia strategically designed and developed the website to build a community around Green Innovations and their philosophy. This was executed with a stronger design to highlight services, strategic content to inform but not overwhelm viewers, a user-friendly layout, and a dynamic and engaging site atmosphere.

The company, located in Northeast Ohio, is an industry leader in the landfill-free quest for both commercial and industrial companies. They commit to the environmental mission that everything is recyclable and now maintain the green image through their website design.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Insivia is a leading marketing and design firm.

About Insivia

Insivia is a Strategic Growth Consultancy helping software & technology companies scale through research, brand strategy, integrated marketing, web design, and retention.