Technology for your business is everywhere – from websites to mobile smart phones and apps – and with that comes plenty of opportunity to spread your brand’s presence online. However, does this mean you should devote all of your time and resources into online advertising?

The answer is no! Much like a balanced diet, a variety of advertising types have proven to be more successful than using one type alone and customers are using multiple platforms to interact with businesses.

According to a 2012 study done by Google and Ispos MediaCT, smartphone penetration in the U.S. has reached 44%. While that isn’t complete saturation yet, the numbers are quickly growing. Think about it this way – of smartphone users, 96% of them have used their smartphones to research a product or service before they bought it.

In addition, these smartphone users are motivated by non-digital advertising to get online and search for these businesses. 40% of people surveyed in this study searched in response to ads they saw in stores, while 31% went online after they saw a magazine ad. And 24% were motivated to head online after viewing posters.

So what’s the key to creating a successful variety of advertising for online mobile users?

  • A call to action that drives traffic
  • Providing additional content or QR codes
  • Giving your audience a reason to interact with your store and their mobile phone

Using these strategies your audience will gladly seek out more of your brand online.


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Author Information

Andy Halko is the CEO of Insivia is a Strategic Growth Consultancy helping companies scale through our Breakthrough Growth Program and Agile Marketing solutions.

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