Marketing for Startups

Starting a business isn't easy and the old saying "Build it and they will come" doesn't work to grow a startup.

Startups Must Be Scrappy

Every business is trying to maximize profit but startups often don't even have the time or budget to plan or execute marketing.

We know how hard it is. We went through the startup phase ourselves as well as have many clients in startup mode.

Some of the most important things that startups must do when it comes to marketing are:

  • Narrow down your audience. Instinct is to not miss any opportunity, but when you are in startup mode it is important to be highly targeted towards low-hanging fruit audiences.  Part of our strategic planning process is to prioritize to accelerate acquisition with targeted campaigns.
  • Focus on data. Use data as proof of your assuptions. We launch a wide variety of different messages in ads and install a wide range of data collection tools so we can quickly get a sense of what rsonates and drives our client's audience.
  • Provide real value.  One of the biggest mistake any company makes but especially startups is not to provide enough value in marketing. When it comes to conversions like whitepapers, webinars, demos and more - they should be topics, ideas and insights that make your audience salivate and need to get.


An agile, smart process for lead generation.

  1. Develop true brand differentation and target audiences.
  2. Design a marketing strategy centered around conversion.
  3. Integrate analytics and marketing tools necessary for constant optimization.
  4. Agile, ever-evolving campaign execution.
  5. Measure, test, and optimize.

Where to start your marketing.

When your startup is at the stage to take your marketing to the next level, start with these three tactics.


Develop a smart brand and marketing strategy.



Build a site that impresses and convinces visitors to act.



Target to reach and engage to convert leads and sales.