We’re just about to the end of Audience Analysis month here at Insivia, but Andy has one final video on how to design your website with specific segments of your audience in mind by creating an Audience Matrix.


Today I want to talk about our audience matrix when we’re developing our site. We use the audience matrix to really understand who’s coming to our set and how we’re going to get them from being a visitor, to converting into a goal. Typically we do that by developing a matrix that looks at our different main audience. For a software project you may have a CEO, an IT  manager, a purchaser, and a researcher. And across that, what we really want to look at are the goals that we want them to achieve – what is the desired info that that specific audience wants to and get when they come to the site? What are the key message that we want to get across to them? What’s important to those audiences and what key messages do we want to make sure they’re leaving the site with. What actions do we want them to take? What buttons are they clicking? What are they signing up for?

So what we typically do when we develop a website, is we create this matrix where we list the goals for each part of our audience. The CEO’s goals might be very different than the researcher or purchaser. The CEO is interested in cost-benefit analysis, whereas a purchaser might be interested in pricing options.

So we really want to look at each of these different section and how we understand the different audiences that are coming to our website, what info they want, what messages we want to get across, and what actions we want to drive them towards. And thats who we really look at when building our sites – the process and flow that we’re going to take people through, the information we’re presenting on different pages, and the actions that go alongside that. So if you’re building a site, and you’re looking at doing some of these techniques, make sure you’re really looking at your audience, where they are in the process, what they need, and how you’re going to get them to convert.

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