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What is Alt Text and Anchor Text?

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Colin explains Alt and Anchor text and how they are used by search engines. Video Transcription Alt text and anchor text are both important parts of your website to help with your overall search engine rank. Alt text is an alternative bit of information for an image or multi media part of your site. They […]

Should You Have Animation in Your Designs?

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Chad explains what animation can do for you and the user. Video Transcript The use of animation and video in designs can really help improve the user experience for those coming to the site. These elements are interactive to an extent. They give a animated moving example of where to go next for the user […]

Invisible Interfaces

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Andy gives you a few tips on how you should be developing your invisible interfaces. Video Transcription Something really important when you’re developing interfaces, and this applies for a website, software, mobile app or whatever it might be, but what you really want to do is make an interface so easy that the user doesn’t […]

How To Make LinkedIn Work For You

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Patrick talks about LinkedIn and what you can do today to make it work for you. Video Transcription A lot of us have LinkedIn but not everybody is actually leveraging it to its full potential. Here’s a couple things that you can do today to start to use Linkedin and let it work for you. […]

Where Should I Upload My Videos?

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Colin gives a few tips for when you start to upload your video content. Video transcription Video content is an increasingly important medium in engaging your customers. With better and more affordable hardware and software there are great expectations for quality video content. In terms of hosting, YouTube and Vimeo are what I typically would […]

White Space: Yay or Nay?

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Chad lets you know how you should be using white space in your design pieces. Video Transcription A lot of people think that when you’re designing that you want to use all the space given to you. Well in reality the use of negative space can really improve the overall design of a piece. What […]

Why You Should Use Split-Testing

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Andy talks about how you can use split-testing to optimize your email marketing campaign. Video Transcription Alright, so I want to talk about split testing for email. Basically what you want to do when your sending out any email marketing campaign you can break it up into different segmented lists. So you break your thousand […]

The Difference Between Global and Page Bounce Rates

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Andy explains the difference between global bounce rate and page bounce rate and what you should be looking at. Video Transcription When your looking at analytics your going to have a bounce rate which is the rate when people come to a website and leave right away. So when you’re looking at your analytics you’re […]

Handling Your Online Real Estate

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Andy lets you know how you should be handling your online real estate to help protect you and your brand. Video Transcription You want to make sure that you have your online real estate and what that means is first domain names. If you have your company’s .com that’s great but you want to make […]

Scannable Content

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Andy discusses the importance of making scannable content for your website. Video Transcription When you’re trying to display text on the pages of your website you want it to be really scannable. You want someone to be able to come to the page and quickly move down the page and understand what its about. And […]

The Importance of Branded Search Terms

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Andy talks about the importance of branded search terms and how you should be using them to boost your site. Video Transcription Morning everybody, I want to talk about branded search terms this morning. What I want to see is if they are good or bad. So a branded search term is when someone searches […]

How Long Should Your Online Videos Be?

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Patrick gives you some pointers for making an online video. Video Transcription When you’re developing your strategy for video on the web you have to remember that the audience’s attention span is typically quite low. That answer really does depend but here are a couple things to keep in mind. Get to your point pretty […]

Why You Should Use Google Alerts

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Andy talks about Google alerts and whether or not you should use them. Video Transcription We’re talking Google alerts this morning and what I want to talk about is just setting up very simply whether for your own personal name our your company’s name Google alerts. All you have to do is go and set […]

User’s First Impression of a Website relate to Repeat Visits

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Chad talks about how you can make sure your first impression of a website is worth a repeat visit.   Video Transcription The best way to make a visitor return to your site multiple times is to make the experience enjoyable. Make the site very easy to navigate, and make the end results of the […]

Why is Mobile Important?

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Cell phones and mobile devices have changed the way people do business, and Andy explains why you should explore your options.   Video Transcription Mobile is really important and it’s a popular trend right now. People are really starting to browse on other devices. Things like their phones, iPads, TVs, and even refrigerators are coming […]

Holiday Memories

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In 2010 we talked to people on the street about the holidays.Holiday moments and memories to bring you a little joy.