Insivia is a growth consultancy in Cleveland, Ohio.

At Insivia, you’ll use your skills and talents to work with our clients. We’re always looking for apprentices who will bring fresh ideas to the drawing board and collaborate with us on projects.

Insivia is looking for apprentices in

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Marketing

We want our apprentices to leave with new pieces for their portfolio and a whole host of knowledge about what we do and how we do it, which is why we’ll give you as many projects as possible and won’t use training wheels.

As an Insivia Apprentice you will

  • Lend your voice to the company by writing and editing articles, headlines, press releases, and more. Collaborate with the Insivia team to use your writing skills and come up with content that will rock everyone’s socks off.
  • Implement your own strategy plans into various projects that range from the first step of the process to the last. Build your skills in SEO, content marketing, and digital ad campaigns, all the while interacting directly with clients. Learn how to think strategically to help achieve client goals.
  • Be the coding superstar we know you are and become a problem solver for clients. Be a part of the entire strategic marketing and web design process: build sites, integrate CMS, test for bugs, QA, and even more.
  • Use your good eye to design graphics for a breadth of clients within a spectrum of different audiences. Freedom within your designs allow your own aesthetic to be seen and for you to hone your skills by doing real client work.


We need applicants who aren’t afraid to get shit done. If you’re looking for an internship where you’ll be spending your days killing time, this isn’t the one for you. We’re a small agency that does big things, and we expect you to walk in the door with a strong willingness to learn and take initiative.

  • Graphic Design applicants should have experience in print and web, be familiar with Adobe CC and never use Comic Sans. Ever.
  • Marketing and Content Strategy applicants need to be able to think strategically about how a 140-character tweet can impact a business. A passion for the digital space and familiarity with WordPress are also musts.
  • Web Development applicants are expected to know HTML, CSS, and Javascript with WordPress experience a plus. Geeks and nerds wholeheartedly welcome: MAX YTNEM, WXTK UKNMNL, EBXL GHM BG HNK LMTKL UNM BG HNKLXEOXL.
  • Writing applicants should be able to learn fast and have experience with WordPress, along with writing skills that put Obama’s speechwriter to shame.

Apprentice Application

  • We don't just want any cover letter. Show off your skills and let us know who you are in a one page feature.