Can traditional media drive traffic to my site?

April 10, 2009


Of course a simple click of a banner ad will get someone to your site most efficiently. However, don’t shy away from using other forms of advertising to drive traffic to your site. Print, radio and tv can be successful if developed correctly and chosen wisely.

For one client, on a tight budget, we ran an advertising campaign to attract visitors in the age range of 16-21 years of age. By choosing the best radio station for that demographic and creating an on-site broadcast with giveaways, we generated a specific awareness for the client. Through the “request info” tab on their website we tracked more hits on the site coming from radio than any other form of advertising for the campaign.  These hits also were more likely to engage the services of the client.

The key is to use a broad spectrum multimedia ad campaign to gain brand identification and to have a url that is trackable, easy to remember, and makes sense. No matter what media you chose, if done well and on message, you can gain a significant amount of traffic to your site.

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