Structured & Collaborative Business Consulting

When you and your team have a vivid vision, success is clearly defined.

Insivia's Business Consulting is a structured, collaborative program of sessions and exercises to develop a high-performance team and strategic growth plan.


Align Your Team.

Culture drives everything. Get the right people on the bus, keep your team aligned towards a common vision and create the foundation for marketing and customer engagement.

Create Values & Manifesto to attract and repel the team that will take you to success.

Define your Why to align a deep purpose across your entire team giving a reason for all action.

Build a Vision Statement as accomplishable future to validate decisions against the destination.

Set your Mission Statement to ensure daily actions align to your values, why and vision.


Go To Market.

A brand is more than a logo. Define what makes you different and how you talk about your business to the outside world.

Identify a Slogan that summarizes your culture and purpose.

Create Value Propositions that define why you are different and customers should choose you.

Define Positioning Statements + Voice as a foundational language for all your marketing and sales.

Design an Identity to visually embody your culture and brand.


Be Targeted.

Knowing everything about your target audience is one of the most imperative requirements of successful marketing, sales, product development & customer service.

Define Targets by size, vertical or demographics to bring on only the best, most profitable customers.

Build Personas defining every detail of targets to help sales and marketing teams become extremely effective.

Create an Offerings Map so every team member and customer knows what you do and why.

Set Customer Experience statements and values to ensure every person in your organization delivers.


Act Accordingly.

Great visions define all the elements of success along with specific goals and actions to create a system of growth.

Define Principles to clarify how your team should live your values and brand everyday.

Create Objectives to get your team aligned on fundamental tactics for growth.

Build an organizational Rhythmthrough meeting and communication approaches that keep the team moving in sync.

Set Big Hairy Audacious Goals to excite the team and define rewards for big accomplishments.


The Vision Gap Assessment

A Vision Gap happens when a leadership team's vision of the company is not defined, articulated and communicated for employees, customers and prospects.


Our Vision Gap Assessment is a process of evaluating employees, customers and the market to provide detailed insights for culture challenges, growth opportunities and recommendations to implement The Envision Program for quick impactful organizational change.

Hey, A Cool White Paper

The Vision Gap Whitepaper

Learn about the challenges that companies face when the vision in their head does not match what is defined, articulated and communicated to employees, customers and prospects.