Bringing a Digital Twist to Trade-Show Designs

January 27, 2014

Today Patrick talks about how you can bring a digital twist to trade-show designs.

Something that is really great to do is to tweak your trade-show marketing campaign by giving it a digital element. Bringing a digital aspect to a traditional element such as a booth or handout can really help generate buzz for your company or brand. It keeps your leads engaged with your brand even after they walk away from your show booth or your sales rep.

You can lead potential customers into nurture campaigns through email marketing, or through tools such as Hubspot or Pardot. This allows you to touch back with leads much more frequently than you can with a sales person and in a much less annoying way than with a phone call or a meeting request. Instead, you’re just sending them valuable insight to their inbox or social media account weeks and months after the event.

What you’re doing with a campaign like this is showing your expert power by providing value for your audience. You are keeping yourself top-of-mind when they are looking for someone to do business with.

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