BIM Modeling

Create immersive walk-through guides of any space.

What We Do

BIM Modeling & Service Tours

Create Virtual Reality Tours to allow anyone to walk through a space and access detailed technical or access information.

Walk-Through Tours are perfect for:

  • Detailing where specific maintenance areas are
  • Attaching videos or guides to mechanicals
  • Provide a dollhouse view of maintenance spaces
  • Provide details about a construction project
  • Provide architectural information
  • Allow all parties to have a clearer view of spaces

Together, let’s make a valuable tool for your clients.

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BIM Walk-Throughs

Identify Everything Important

Create step by step experiences that allow viewers to browse and explore spaces. They’ll be able to look in every direction and identify specific call-outs.

Text & Video Overlay

Improve the experience.

Throughout your tour, select areas to highlight with color-coded dots. Beyond text, you can display videos to add depth and personality to your online tour.

Go Virtual Reality

Immerse Your Visitors

With the addition of a headset, whether at a trade show, in a leasing office or on the street you can show people the experience as if they are there.

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How We Do It

Virtual Tour Solutions

Experiences Your Visitors Won’t Forget

Engineers & Construction

Showcase the work.


Help them visualize the result.

Student Housing & Apartments

Show them the cool amenities.

Malls, Retail & Mixed Use

Sell them on the experience.

For Sale Properties

Get your audience salivating.

Maintenance Guides

Find ever piece or part in a building.

Progress Updates

Show your client where you are at.

Portfolio Showcases

Show off your work.


Promote your space.

Long-distance Partners

Walk through a space with a long distance partner.

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  • 3D Virtual Tours

  • Drone Footage

  • Videos

  • Kiosks

  • Websites

  • Marketing

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