Avoid Vague Goals in Your Marketing Plan

October 31, 2013

Today, Nina shares with us some things to avoid when you start putting together your marketing plan.

It’s strategic planning month here at Insivia, which means we’ve been discussing lots of different strategies and things you should be doing when putting together your marketing plan for next year.

Today, I want to talk about something you should try to AVOID when planning your marketing, and that’s creating vague goals.

Many times, when we sit down to plan our marketing, we come out of those discussions with broad ideas of things we want to accomplish, like “we’re going to work smarter, not harder”, or “we’re going to engage more with our customers.”

These are all great goals to have, but it’s important that your marketing plan take the next step in that process of defining specific actions that you and your team are going to take to accomplish those goals.

Make sure you sit down and think of exactly what you and your team can do every day when you come into work that’s going to contribute to the goals you’ve set, rather than just stopping at identifying your goals.

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