Should You Be Considering a Technology Tune-Up?


Today Andy lets you know if you should consider doing a technology tune up for a recently launched website. Video Transcription So does it make sense to do a tech tune up on your new website, say it’s only a year old, maybe less than 3 years old. Should you come in and do a […]

What is Skeuomorphism?


Do you know what Skeuomorphism is? Chad fills you in on this design technique and what you need to expect for the future. Video Transcription Over the past few years you may have noticed a certain type of graphical development where the elements are designed to look just like realistic objects. Say if it’s a […]

Web Design Trends: CSS Transparency


Today Colin talks about a web design trend called Transparency. Video Transcription One modern design technique for 2013 is transparency. Thanks to modern web browsers we’re able to use advanced CSS3 techniques such as RGBA, box shadow, and text shadow. Because these techniques don’t require us to actually go back to the original Photoshop document, […]

What Should Be Included on the About Page?


On today’s Insivia Insight Patrick talks about how you should write your about page in order to make your users feel comfortable with who your company is. Video Transcription One of the hardest pages to write content for on any website, especially when its your own website, is the about page. What do you say? […]

What to Look at When Designing for Retina Displays


Chad discusses the new retina display and what you need to do in order to prepare your designs. Video Transcription In the next year or two you’re going to see a lot more availability of what is called retina displays. These computer screens technically have double the resolution for the most part. They are available […]

What is Gated Content on A Website?

Article in Agile Marketing

The simple answer is that gated content is any content on a web site that requires a login or information to be given to access the content. When it comes to strategic marketing, gated content has become a pillar for lead generation. Many are skeptical that visitors would be willing to give away real contact […]

How Can I Use A Calculator On My Site?


Today Andy talks about the benefits of including a calculator on your site. Video Transcription Morning, everybody! When you’re thinking about doing content marketing, one piece of great content is a calculator. A calculator is basically a tool that you can put on your website where people can enter figures, choose options and other things […]

How Can You Get More Comments On Your Blog?


Patrick talks about improving engagement and increasing comments on your blog. Video Transcription Hey, everybody! Let’s talk about engagement and, more specifically, getting more comments on your blog and on your articles. Here are a few things you can do starting today and actually increase the amount of article comments every time you post on […]

What Is A Simple Way To Improve Your eCommerce Site?


Chad gives you a simple solution to improve your eCommerce site to help close the sale. Video Transcription One of the biggest conversion losses a company can have with their e-commerce store is simply having a too confusing and too long checkout process. The more steps for a checkout for users, that’s more chance for […]

Why is it Important to Change Up Your Email Marketing?


Today Andy talks about a great way to improve your email marketing efforts with a simple test. Video Transcription Hey, everybody! If you’re doing email marketing campaigns, I want you to try something different. Go in and test different types of email content. One thing you see in a typical newsletter is longer emails that […]